Interim Finance Managers


Professional interim finance specialists are highly experience managers and have a significant track record of over achievement and have made a conscious decision to adopt a more flexible lifestyle.
Questlink’s interim managers are available at very short notice, typically within a couple of days and, depending on the requirement, spend as little or as much time with the client as necessary. This can be on a full-time or part-time basis and the average length of assignment is typically seven months.


Whilst on site interim finance specialists can assisting your company during very busy period or cover mission critical gaps in the management team, as well as helping with numerous other key milestones in an organisation’s development. (In the past interim finance specialists have been described by clients as “booster rockets” for companies).
All are highly experienced business managers, who are hands-on and work alongside management teams to help implement strategies. With no political baggage they provide an independent and objective view to issues and focus entirely on completing the job in hand.
We ensure they are always suitably qualified for the job with a proven track record of achievement. This level of experience means they are able to make an immediate impact. We only work with professional interim managers ensuring they are both unthreatening and supportive as they are not looking for permanent employment.


Organisations typically choose interim managers either to fill roles that are temporary or to fill critical staffing gaps when a permanent employee cannot be found fast enough. Although they are frequently called 'consultants',interim managers differ from consultants because they serve in a more hands-on capacity.

These organisations quickly realise many benefits from using interim managers:

  • Start in days, with minimum recruitment and termination formalities
  • Are usually qualified, bringing tremendous experience to address your business issues
  • Deliver consistently and quickly
  • Will transfer skills, contacts and experience to your team, which will remain long after they have left
  • Have sensitivity to your company’s ethos but not constrained by its politics, personalities, or protocols
  • Can be given a critical task on which to focus
  • Help keep down permanent head count
  • Highly cost-effective
  • When?


Some of our clients often asked when should an organisation use interim finance Specialists?

There is no straight forward answer, every organisation has its own issues which of course are unique. It would be fair to say that interim finance managers are used extensively to strengthen finance team at critical times, although more and more organisations are now realising that interim managers can be more than just corporate paramedics and are engaging them for proactive assignments to enhance growth. This is certainly Questlink’s view. Interim managers are a way of boosting business and revenues through applying certain skills and qualities not held within the existing management team. It is about much more than disaster recovery or gap management.